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Is there a Sales potential in France and Europe ? Understand the maturity of the market and detect potential projects by targeting 20 to 30 accounts


⇒ Step 1: Understand your solutions, your objectives and your goals for the market 

⇒ Step 2 : Star-Achats delivers a proposal that includes: 

  • A high-level market analysis
  • A 3-months opportunity assessment that includes a list of targets accounts

⇒ Step 3: Star-Achats delivers a full assessement report at the end of the 3 months period that includes potential projects and resources needed to be successful in the market penetration

Fees : A fixed fee for the 3 months market assessment

France and Europe are strategic for you. Develop your market and Sales with a dedicated team


⇒ Step1 : Understand your solutions, your objectives and your goals for the market.

⇒Step 2 : Within a week, Star-Achats delivers a proposal that includes:

  • A high-level market analysis
  •  A Business Plan that outlines a strategy and a Sales and Marketing plan to enter the market

⇒ Step3 : Contract Signature (a 2-year contract with the flexibility to increase or decrease the assignment based on success criteria

⇒ Step 4 : Execution

  • Star-Achats assigns a team including one Senior Account Director on a part-time basis or full-time basis, dedicated to your solutions.  – Training of the Account Director (in your offices or remotely)
  • The Account Director works with your team (Pre-Sales , Marketing, Consulting, Post-Sales)and  uses the standard reporting tools of your company.

⇒ Step 5: Exit Strategies

  • We can increase of decrease the assignment : number of people involved, duration of the assignment or
  •  We stay as a reseller or
  • We transition the services to your department

Fees : A monthly retainer and commission on success criteria